Creality Ender 3

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  • Modeling Technology:FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Printing Size:220*220*250mm
  • Machine Size:440*410*465mm
  • Package weight:8kg
  • Max Traveling Speed:180mm/s
  • Filament:1.75mm PLA,TPU,ABS
  • Input:AC 100-265V 50-60Hz
  • Output:DC 24V 15A 360W
  • Layer Thickness:0.1-0.4mm
  • Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
  • Precision:±0.1mm
  • File Format:STL,OBJ,G-Code
  • Working Mode:Online or SD offline
  • Max Nozzle Temperature:255℃
  • Max Hot bed Temperature:110℃

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Creality Ender 3 specifications

  • Technology:FFF FDM
  • Type:Material extrusion
  • Launched in:2018
  • Assembly:DIY Kit
  • Mechanical arrangement:Cartesian-XZ-Head
  • Manufacturer:Creality
  • Manufacturer country:China


  • Printable materials:
  • Filameter diameter:1.75 mm
  • Compatible with 3rd party filaments?Yes an open material system

Build volume

  • Print size millimeters (xyz):220 x 220 x 250 mm
  • Print size inches (xyz):8.6 x 8.6 x 9.4 inches

3D Printer and printing properties

  • Layer resolution:100 – 400 Microns
  • Feeder system:Direct
  • Extruder type:Single
  • Nozzle size:0.4 mm
  • Max extruder temperature:536 °F / 280 °C
  • Max heated bed temperature:212 °F / 100 °C
  • Frame:Aluminum
  • Closed print chamber:No, an open structure
  • Temperature controlled print chamber:No
  • Bed leveling:Manual
  • Print bed details:Heated bed with viscose surface sticker
  • Display:LCD
  • Connectivity:SD
  • Built in camera:No
  • Print recovery:Yes
  • Filament sensor:No


  • Slicing:Cura
  • Operating system(s):Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

Dimensions and weight

  • Outer dimensions inches (xyz):22.0 x 23.6 x 24.4 inches
  • Outer dimensions millimeters (xyz):440 x 410 x 465 mm
  • Weight lb:17.1 pounds
  • Weight kg:7.8 kg

ender-3 advantages
1. V-Slot cooperate with Prusa I3 frame: extremely innovative design, following the step of the trend, integrating with classic elements, create a new generation economic DIY 3D printers.
2. Super Printing size with one-piece structure, save space but building the world.
3. Only 10 minutes with 20 screws assembly before the first printing, simple assembly but more stable performance, Win-Win for fun and time.
4. Safety protected Power supply, reach 110℃ for hotbed in about 5 minutes. Additional power cut protection function to meet the needs of fast heating and longtime printing.
5. CNC machining of Y-rail mounting groove to make sure precise positioning and keep the stable frame with High-Precision printing quality.
6. Patent Technology: MK-10 Extruder greatly reduces plugging risk and bad extrusion; Patent Technology: V-Slot with POM wheel make it move noiseless, smoothly and durable 7. New Viscous Platform sticker to replace reprinting tape and glue, solve warping problem but save the printing cost.
8. 24 hours testing for key components before delivery and one year warranty.
9. Good printing quality, reasonable cost for the beginners and good performance for the enthusiasts.




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